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Why is HeatWave THE BRAND TO GO FOR?

We have undergone a lot of research to get the best combination of all materials that make good phat pants and other products. Quality and satisfaction of the customer is our main goal; we provide a LIFETIME guarantee on our products. Just come back to us any time if anything needs fixing, and we'll do it for you, or provide you with the materials to, free of charge. We also strive to provide the ABSOLUTE BEST customer service for you, assisting you all the way to make your online purchase experience a breeze. Please do not hesitate to shoot us an E-mail with ANY enquiries you have.

Q: I am making my own phats, Can i buy logo/reflectors from you?

A: Yes. We can sell either ready cut logos, or sheets and stripes. The price will depend on what logo is needed. You can also purchase them directly from : http://www.kustomclothing.com.my/catalog/reflectors-c-54.html


Q: Can i buy just the suspenders?

A: Yes, basic suspenders retail from $16 usd and customized suspenders retail from $30 usd. Please refer to us for more details.

Q: How long do i have to wait to get my phats?

A: it depends on how many orders are in process. If we have currently no orders in the making, you can get your phats within 3-5 days.
A2: For international orders, because our phats are made in Malaysia, it might take 2-3 weeks to ship internationally, therefore, it might take up to 4 weeks.

Q: How do i know when my phats are ready?

A: We will contact you, either by E-mail or through the website. You can always E-mail us to check on the progress of your order.

Q: Do you charge extra for different color of reflectors?

A: No, you can choose from all the colors available and the price would still be the same as if you just use one. We have 17 colors available; white/yellow/gold/orange/red/lightpink/shockingpink/babyblue/mediumblue/darkblue/magenta/lightpurple/darkpurple/green/grey/fluorescentorange/black

Q: So how do you determine the price of the phats?

A: It would be way too complicated to tell you exactly how. It depends on the amount of reflectors used, and the complexity of the design.

Q: How do I pay?

A: Our web store and ebay store accepts mainly paypal in US dollars. You can also use your visa card to pay on paypal.

Q: What about measurements?

A: You can refer to this image here : http://www.kustomclothing.com.my/measure-steps-for-customize-phat-pants/

Q: What material are you using?

A: We are currently using TC (polyester mix cotton), since it's a whole lot lighter, it doesn't shrink, and the color won’t run. The material is also very durable and breathes well compared to denim.

Q: Where's your shop?

A: We don't have a physical shop. All transactions are done ONLINE through PAYPAL or VISA. We do accept Western union as well. Please E-mail us for payment info.

Q: I don't know what to design, can you design a pair for me?

A: Yes if you want. You need to let us know several things before we help you design your phats.
1- Your budget
2- Your prefered colours
3- Roughly what is it that you want. Stripes? A certain logo or design eg: flames, autobot, a cartoon character, an abstract design etc.
E-mail Gwee at gwee_hk@hotmail.com to get your price quotes!


Approximate prices :

Plain    $73 usd - $93 usd
Minimal reflectors $93 usd    $140 usd
Full reflectors max + logos   $140 usd - $250 usd
Suspenders, Braces, Harness   $16 usd - $35 usd

Q: How much is postage/shipping?

A: We charge a flat rate for our international orders. Our rates are industry leading, the cheapest you can find ANYWHERE!
Pants    $18 usd ea
Hoodies    $13 usd ea
Suspenders/Tees/Caps    $9 usd ea
Small accessories/items    $3 usd ea

Q: Can I track my order?

A: Certainly. We will provide tracking information upon shipping the products.

Q: Do you offer discounts on products/shipping if I purchase in bulk?

A: Yes we do, but we do not have that option on our website. If you would like to purchase 5 items or above, please e-mail GWEE at gwee_hk@hotmail.com to get the best price and save on shipping!

Q: How do I wash my phats?

A: Basically just do not iron, do not dry clean, do not wring the pants after wash. Hand wash the pants in mild detergent filled cold water and hang dry in shade, avoid scrubbing. Hang your pants when not in use, and do not fold the reflectors if not necessary.
Avoid extremely cold or hot weather, as reflectors are PVC based, extreme temperatures cause it to shrink/expand. Take care and minimize rubbing of the reflectors together, or against any other objects.

Email       : gwee_hk@hotmail.com/info@kustomclothing.com.my
Websites : http://www.kustomclothing.com.my
Phone      : +60126554877, +60356112763