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For sizes, we customize the pants according to the size you provide us. There are 2 crucial measurements that we need.

Waist - Measure around your waist or lower waist at the level where you would normally wear your pant's belt, with the tape measure swung around your waist, relax, and take the measurement, don't be alarmed if this measurement seems larger than expected; off-the-rack pants are normally labeled as being smaller than what they really are.
Pant's length - from the point which you measured your waist, measure all the way down to the floor, make sure your legs are straight and your shoes are on when u do this. advisable to ask someone to help u with this step.
Waist Measure Step
Pant Measure Step
Other than that, all other parts of the pants can be customized to the specific size that you want, e.g. leg cuffs, crotch. Just mention them in the confirmation message after payment.